Europe's Top Court Strikes Down Key Rules Of U.S.-EU Data Transfer

Europe’s Top Court Strikes Down Key Rules Of U.S.-EU Data Transfer


The highest court in Europe has brought down a major agreement prevailing between the European Union and the United States concerning privacy of data.

The European Court of Justice, as per a ruling on Thursday, discovered that the US-EU Privacy Shield failed to safeguard data privacy rights of the Europeans when the firms are transferring this information to the United States.

The ECJ’s decision promises to impart key repercussions for over 5,300 firms that are covered by the Privacy Shield, which ranges from social media networks to financial institutes. As per the Privacy Shield, which was implemented back in the year 2016, the self-certified firms that act in accordance with the requirements of the agreement are believed to have abided by the higher standard of data privacy by the EU.

The ECJ, in its ruling, found that the surveillance regulations in the United States aren’t circumscribed well enough to satisfy the required needs, under the EU law.

In simple words, the principal flaws of the deal rest not that much with the practices of the member companies, as with United States government.

In a statement, Australian attorney, Max Schrems, who brought the case forward, said that the United States will now have to change its surveillance regulations seriously, if the US firms wish to continue playing a key role in EU market.

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