Disney’s Splash Mountain to get new theme amid calls to ditch racist history

Disney’s Splash Mountain to get new theme amid calls to ditch racist history


Amid calls to ditch racist stereotypes in famous culture, Disney now is giving a new theme to its Splash Mountain ride which will be based on its first Black-princess centered movie ‘The Princess and the Frog.’

The decision comes following a petition asking Disney to forgo the original or initial inspiration meant for Splash Mountain, i.e. the 1946 movie ‘Song of the South.’ It was a controversial movie since the beginning, with the critics considering it an underrated portrayal of labor or slavery.

The movie is basically a live-action narrator, a Black man known as Uncle Remus, played by the second African-American James Baskett. He did not attend the movie’s premiere held at a theatre in Atlanta where the Blacks were asked to sit in balcony separately.

The movie hasn’t been available on the home video across the United States and is also not included in Disney+.

The petition demanded Disney to base the theme of Splash Mountain upon Princess Tiana’s story.

As per Disney, the firm has been thinking to change the theme since the previous year and has now finalized ‘The Princess and the Frog’ as the new theme for Splash Mountain at both, Florida’s Disney World and California’s Disneyland.

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