Dinosaur diagnosed with bone cancer that afflicts humans today

Dinosaur diagnosed with bone cancer that afflicts humans today


Sickness is something that has ailed both humankind and animal kind synonymously. Just like humans, dinosaurs got diseases as well. The T-Rex you study about might have suffered issues such as gout, or the duck-billed dinosaurs might have suffered from bone tumors.

Now, for the very first time, scientists have found out that dinosaur used to suffer from an aggressive variant of malignant cancer known as osteosarcoma that affects the human population today. In the year 1989, the fibula or lower bone of the leg from the horned dinosaur named Centrosaurus apertus was obtained from the Dinosaur Provincial Park located in Canada’s Alberta area.

This dinosaur species lived about 76-77 Million years before us. Originally, this fossilized bone’s malformed end was believed to be fractured bone that was healing. However, detailed analysis with the use of modern medical tech helped diagnose that it was actually a bone inflicted with osteosarcoma.

This is a form of cancer that affects human bones and generally occurs after 20 or 30 years of age. Osteosarcoma is the overgrowth of the disorganized bone known to spread in a rapid fashion through the bones and eventually to different organs of the body, which commonly includes the lung.

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