Coronavirus Cases Surpass 1,000 In Marin County

Coronavirus Cases Surpass 1,000 In Marin County


Marin County has reported over 1000 confirmed cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The health officials have reported thirty new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, which brings the county’s overall cases to 1,014. Meanwhile, the death toll due to coronavirus cases stood at 18.

With the restrictions imposed by the government loosening now, business is now returning to normal slowly in Marin. But, the no. of local coronavirus cases reported continues to increase.

This week, around thirty new cases have been reported each day until now. On Tuesday, there were around 984 cases and about 946 cases and 913 cases on Monday and Sunday respectively.

The San Rafeal region, which is located close to the county, has reported the most no. of cases, with 455 in 94901 Zip code and 88 in 94903 Zip code.

In total, 60 individuals have been admitted to hospitals because of coronavirus since the first case of the virus was reported in the county on 8 March. As of Wednesday, 10 individuals remained hospitalized.

Till date, most confirmed coronavirus cases as well as hospitalizations were among people above 50 years, as per the Marin County data. All the reported death cases have been people 65 and above.

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