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Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime follows a storyline that focuses on the three major genres together, i.e., fantasy, action, and ‘ecchi’ romance. If we take a look at its competition, we can notice that some of them are already struggling to maintain the balance between these genres, which is indeed a challenging task.

Fortunately, the former can accomplish the said feat effortlessly and also managed to incorporate an additional hint of light humor within it. Though the basic plot of Chivalry of a Failed Knight might not seem much overwhelming to the viewers, its major highlight is its amazing process of character development.

Usually, many of its viewers have already formed a rigid opinion about it after watching a few of its early episodes. As a result, they eventually streamed their further episodes while keeping in mind their previously formed judgments, which badly influenced their experience of the anime.

When they decide not to change the viewpoint they formed initially, they usually end up giving all of their remaining interest to complete the show and thus discontinue watching it. But the real fans who did not give up and continue watching it would eventually start to understand it better and enjoy it. They could even end up relating themselves and their situations to that of its characters.

The most common reason behind the criticism received is the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, followed by its makers. It should be quite apparent to the readers why the said word is used for the anime, which is even more important than its execution.

If we consider it otherwise, a storyline based on the life of a dark horse is likely to sound appealing to possibly anyone. Though many of the resulting future events might seem too predictable to the viewers, the core thing which is the highlight of the anime is the execution of these events.

Let us consider the example of another anime like ‘Megalo Box.’ It revolves around a sport that might not sound much exciting to many people, but believe it or not; it would surely bring a massive change in the viewers’ outlook towards sports and the other related activities.

In a very similar manner, Chivalry of a Failed Knight also consists of several criticizers who always try to discourage the efforts of the protagonist. But the zeal and determination to rising & shining are the USP of the anime.

If we take a look at each character in the anime, including the additional supporting ones, almost all of them are quite adorable to see on screen. Moreover, the viewers of the anime would also come across their other different sides gradually.

Even though the anime is entirely a fiction based fantasy, the various struggles which these characters have to face in their daily life would sound quite relatable to the viewers. On the other hand, the chemistry of the bonds between the different characters is also pleasing to see, and thus many of the scenes from the anime become remarkably epic.

Also, several times, the viewers would gradually come across jargon that might become quite extreme to handle sometimes but are also unavoidable. And the battles and individual face-offs are just amazing to see and the delivery of bold dialogues adding more spark to them. They also include various entertaining comments by the spectators, which would bring more excitement among the viewers.

For now, if we take a look at Chivalry of a Failed Knight, it is just a kind of comparatively shorter anime with just a single season which consists of 12 episodes only. Still, when the viewers would begin watching it, they would eventually realize that that the makers had put their best efforts to extract the most out of this short period they had to fit in the anime.

There might come some situations when the anime’s pace sounds to be compromised, but still, it would be a delight to watch for a person who is not much used to the world of anime series.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The very first episode from the season one of Chivalry of a Failed Knight was released on 3rd October in 2015 and the season finale, i.e. episode twelve made it to the screens on the 19th December in the same year. Season one was a great hit, and once it finished, everyone was gossiping about the next season.

Few of the rumors floating around suggested that the second season should be out in the last quarter of the year 2017 which did not happen. Some more rumors claimed further that the production of the next season might be completed by November in 2018.

Unfortunately, we are in the middle of 2020, and still, there are no official reports about the production or release of the next season. For now, we are not able to trace any OVA or anything alike. But panic not as we have a surprise for the readers that would surely cheer up the fans of the anime series who are waiting eagerly for the next season.

According to the official sites of Nexus and Silver Link, a ‘Special’ is on its way to the public. It seems to be the only thing for now that could keep the hopes of the fans alive as it was there in the slots for quite a long time.

To conclude, presently, we are only able to figure out that at least the OVA, if not the entire second season, shall be out anytime in the next year, i.e. 2021 is all the factors remain positive and supportive. This section would be updated ASAP once we come across any further related reports.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight English Dub Episodes

The readers can stream all the episodes from the first season of ‘Chivalry of a Failed Knight’ with English subtitles on VRV, Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Plot

The anime is set in a fictitious place where people have weird and mysterious kinds of powers. Not all humans there do possess such abilities, the people who do are popularly known as the ‘Blazers’ as per the English version.

The “Blazers” use their powers to craft the qualities of their respective souls into a weapon known as the ‘Device’. As the population of these humans with such kinds of abilities is highly limited, they are also ranked by making a comparison of their skills in martial arts and magical powers. Just a bunch of these ‘Blazers’ make it to the top and earn the status of ‘Knights’.

Later, in the anime, the viewers would come across the protagonist of the show, whose name is Kurogane Ikki. At the beginning of the anime, the latter seems to be a regular student in a high school. Quite obviously, as the name of the anime suggests, he is also one of the ‘Blazers’ who failed with an F grade as a ‘Knight’.

His condition is so pathetic that he is even referred to be the worst of his kind as his abilities and powers sound to be quite useless. A day comes when he comes across Stella Vermillion who currently appears in front of him as a partially naked Princess.

Their impromptu meeting results in combat between both of them. The event triggers a series of other events in the future and they eventually end up on their collective way to the “Grand Seven Star Tournament of the Knights”.

In this competition, the most potent Knights from all around the world came to participate. They put in their full strength and each possible effort to beat their opponents to earn the title and fame as the world’s best Knights. It was just like a dream come true for Ikki and Stella.

Moreover, this is the best opportunity for Ikki to show that he is not just any useless Blazer but rather much more than that. To do so, he has to ignore the negative and discouraging comments of the people, which seems to torture him in his entire life and rise and shine with confidence. He needs to realize that he has the required potential to beat the rest and become the best Knight.

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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Anime Characters

Kurogane Ikki

He is the prominent male protagonist in the show. The family to which he belongs is a reputed one and is already known for their incredible achievements in the field of magic skills and martial arts. Despite all these things, he was never able to establish his worthiness as a capable and truly deserving descendant of the royal blood that flows in his veins.

The situations are so unfavourable for him that he is even regarded as the worst Blazer, thanks to his never-changing F grades. He is always considered as an excluded member by his family. A day comes when he runs out of his strength to tolerate and breaks the shackles of his family reputation that were stopping him from running away and abandoning his house.

The only person from his family who he truly admired was his Grandfather, who was a great Blazer from his time. The motivational and inspiring words that were told to him by his Grandfather were always by his side that pushed him to keep moving on the path of greatness and keep growing everyone to become better in the process and ignoring the opinions that are pulling you back.

Kurogane follows a very tough and intense practice schedule regularly that helps him to maintain his healthy physical state. His dark eyes appear quite sharp on his face on which his dark brown hair sways down. He is a teenager with average height. During combat, he also uses a Device which he calls “Intetsu”.

Its shape is much similar to that of a typical Japanese Katana. Like all the other Blazers, he also possesses a signature attack which is called the ‘Itto Shura’. This fantastic technique boosts the power of his Device and elevates his strength for about a minute.

Unfortunately, to activate this technique, he has to gather all his combined physical strength together and unleash it at a stretch which drains his entire energy which stops him from fighting anymore.

Due to this exhaustion of energy, he is only able to use only a single time in a day. His only goal is to prove his worthiness and remove the tag of a useless and worthless Knight’ from himself by competing in the Grand Seven Star Tournament of the Knights. He would have to prove all the haters wrong by justifying his worthiness as a true Knight. Finally, his relations with other girls are just confusing.

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Stella Vermillion

She is a Blazer of A-rank category in the Vermillion Kingdom. As her last name suggests, she is also the second princess of her Kingdom and is popularly known by the people there for her magical powers to manipulate and control the flames of fire.

While time passes, Kurogane starts developing romantic feelings towards her. Before all these events, she used to reside in another nation. Still, her strong desire to show her excellent skills and powers to the entire world made her return to her home country, i.e. Japan to participate and rise to the top in the Grand Seven Star Tournament of the Knights.

In her entire childhood, she had to go through the pain of several burns and wounds as she needed to master the control over her powers. As she never lost hope and kept trying, she eventually ended up gaining complete control of her abilities.

Unfortunately, many people that also includes her family members and relatives believe that the greatness of her powers and abilities is just the result of the ‘royal’ grooming and luxuries she received from her family.

Thus, her sufferings, hard work and determination were never acknowledged by the people and thus, she was never given credit for her greatness. Therefore, she also feels alienated from her family, and her condition seems similar to that of Ikki.

She calls her Device as the “Laevateinn” which is a weapon that looks much similar to a sword and can give rise to significant and intense flames when used. Her signature move is known as the Katharterio Salamandra through which she produces a massive storm of fire that could be to attack someone as well to defend and protect herself from anyone’s attack.

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