China launches draconian measures to slash birth rates among minorities

China launches draconian measures to slash birth rates among minorities


China has launched draconian measures in order to slash the birth rates among the minorities- the Uighurs community in particular- as a part of its campaign to reduce Muslim population.

Media reports suggest that the nation has introduced a systematic and widespread campaign to reduce the birth rate in the minorities.

This campaign, which has been going in since more than 4 years in Xinjiang’s far west area, is now leading to a kind of demographic genocide as per the experts.

The media reports indicated that the state subjects the minority women regularly to pregnancy check and pressurizes sterilization, abortion and intrauterine devices on most of these women.

Even when the utilization of sterilization and IUDs has dropped nationwide, it’s rising in Xinjiang sharply.


The measures to control population are supported by detention as a punishment and a threat both in case anyone fails to abide to the regulations.

The major reason why individuals are sent to the detention camps is because they have too many kids. Meanwhile, the parents who have 3 or more kids are ripped away unless they are capable to pay large fines.

The police raid houses, terrifying the parents while they look for hidden kids.

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