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Chadwick Boseman praised student protesters in 2018 commencement speech at Howard University [Video]


In 2018, Chadwick Boseman was called to deliver the main address. So, the Black Panther actor went to his alma mater, Howard University and delivered a speech at the school’s historic 150 commencement ceremony. In it, he favored the student protestors.

Boseman specifically praised those students who took part in protests that held a month earlier, at that time. He emphasized on finding a purpose rather than just seeking a job. The critically acclaimed actor died on August 28, 2020, Friday, at the age of 43, while fighting cancer at stage 4. When he delivered the speech, he was still fighting cancer.

During his speech, Boseman said that there is a reason why a particular human being exist at that time in the history, so everyone should focus on finding a purpose and not a career or a job. In the speech, he talked about a nine-day student takeover of Building A that happened around a month ago.

At the historically Black university located in Northwest Washington, the protests were held after a financial aid scandal came into light. In it, some employees allegedly used the money intended for needy students. So, it caused a widespread uproar.

As a result, six employees were fired. After that scandal, the protests demanded to improve transparency about university finances, guaranteed housing and the change in the way the university responded to sexual assault on campus.

Boseman said that students graduating from Howard should utilize their education in improving the world that they enter afterwards. In one of the recent tweets, he can be seen with Senator Kamala D Harris (D-Calif.). He met her at a Freedom for Immigrants event. She is Democratic Party’s vice-presidential nominee and a graduate of Howard.

Chadwick Boseman’s 2018 Commencement Speech

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