CDC warns of second coronavirus wave as states lift lockdowns

CDC warns of second coronavirus wave as states lift lockdowns


States might have to implement lockdown yet again if COVID-19 cases increase, warns the CDC.

As per Jay Butler, Deputy Director, CDC, if the cases of COVID-19 start shooting up again, especially if they rise dramatically, it is significant to realize that enhanced mitigation efforts like what were imposed in March might be required again. But, the second lockdown wave could be achieved on local level instead of state-wide lockdown, said Butler.

Presently, communities are facing varied transmission levels, as they eventually ease up and get used to the mitigation efforts, added Butler.

The fear of COVID-19 infection resurgence as well as the new lockdown have led to a fall in the stock market on Thursday, post the cases of coronavirus in the US increased a few days ago post 5 weeks of decline.

Notably, as of June 14, there were over 2.8mn coronavirus cases in the US, with around 115,400 deaths, according to a database by New York Times. This database indicates where the no. of new COVID-19 cases is increasing as well as where it’s falling in last fourteen days. North Carolina, Arkansas, Utah and Texas all had record no. of patients entering the hospitals over the weekend.

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