California Man Died From Coronavirus 1 Day After Posting Regret For Attending Party

California Man Died From Coronavirus 1 Day After Posting Regret For Attending Party


A family in California is grieving over the death of a man who passed away after contracting coronavirus at one barbeque party last month.

The 51-year-old man named Thomas ‘Tommy’ Macais from California’s Lake Elsinore region died on 21 June, 3 days after he tested positive for COVID-19. Just a day prior to his death, Thomas put up an emotional message on his Facebook handle wherein he urged people to take social distancing seriously and protect themselves from the deadly disease.

Thomas’s niece, Danielle Lopez said that her uncle, who was a diabetic patient, took the coronavirus pandemic very seriously since his diagnosis. He took the decision to attend a barbeque that took place few days before his post on 20 June as he thought the coronavirus’ threat was lessening, she added.

As per Lopez, the guests who attended the barbeque did not wear masks. He later decided to go and get himself tested after he got to know that one of the other party attendee had contracted the virus. It is not clear if the other guests have been tested positive or not.

Notably, the news of Thomas’s death comes in as the Governor of California Gavin Newsom presently is reversing the state’s decision for reopening due to the troubling increase in the coronavirus cases.

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