Best PlayStation 4 Games in 2020

The PS4 (PlayStation 4) offers a strong life cycle from its launch data and getting closer to the next-generation consoles. There are numerous varieties of new game titles to play on your PS4 device in 2020. You can refer to the below-provided list of anticipated video games that are going to launch for PS4 (PlayStation 4) in 2020. Most of the websites will update the latest PS4 games with new updates and announcements of additional video game titles.
Gods & Monsters
Ubisoft will offer the brand new IP game named as Gods & Monsters. During the press conference at E3 briefing, they informed that the Gods & Monsters will be launched at Greek mythology with a unique look. The Ubisoft team has developed this game to bring the importance of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. After the announcement, this video game is comparatively similar to the Legends of Zelda – Breath with similar open world and visuals aspect.
However, there is no much information with regards to the Gods & Monsters game during the launch time for the public. This game features the young protagonist granted with efficient powers from the Gods before untimely demise. The players need to explore the entire open world, defeat the bosses, and solve puzzles before ending the mythical creature named Typhon.
Marvel’s Avengers
Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the most successful launches from the Marvel series and planned to launch a new video game in 2020 with a new Marvel-theme. Marvel’s Avengers is going to work by Eidos Montreal along with the Crystal Dynamics. This action-adventure video game will start with the players for playing the roles of numerous Earth’s mightiest heroes. Marvel’s Avengers will feature with a unique story and as well as numerous characters from earlier Marvel universe.
Most of the events within the A-day will take place along with the history where Avengers are expected to unveil their new headquarters which is located in San Francisco. The city is destroyed by leaving the catastrophic accident that is unveiled during the game. Avengers are ultimately outlawed and in general with superheroes and multiple part ways. Later, the citizens of Earth and new shown up peril will rely on the Marvel heroes to outlaw for their survival.
Tales of Arise
Tales of Arise, the long-running series is going to offer another one in 2020. This series is developed with revitalizing the hopes and will offer more appeal for the Western audience. It is one of the action-packed RPG titles and most of the familiar one can play this game with more intact of the Linear Motion Battle System. In this narrative series, two different worlds are focused more like Rena & Dahna.
The advanced world named Rena is entirely filled with technology & magic while the Dahna world is repressed with the medieval state. Rena world will play the game to inhabit the Dahna world as slaves. Alphen the man is going to be a protagonist from the Dahna world and also the woman named Shionne from the Rena world. Both of them will travel together to enjoy the new dark adventure.
Nioh 2
Nioh 2 PS4 game was launched during the press conference of Sony’s E3 stage. A small trailer of this video game was showcased during the conference to create a top-action RPG element with its first installment. We are still waiting for various information to sequel the inbound in terms of the game premise to offer significant gameplay changes. You can find multiple options to personalize your character with visual effects to work on some gameplay mechanics.