Best platforms to run Java

Java is one of the common programming languages which is nearly used everywhere. In every Android application, game consoles, supercomputers, and where programming is needed, Java is considered to be the prior one. This language is known for its amazing portability and simplicity. If you are not sure that where you can run the Java easily, then here the answer for the same is also mentioned.
Some of the platforms are mentioned here, which will help you to use Java easily. These are:-
1. NetBeans:
NetBeans since considered to be one of the best platforms to run Java. This is completely modular eyes, and all the functions which are the part of it have come in package is called a module. Sun Microsystems primarily owned this, but now it is owned by Oracle.
When this was developed, it was run as an open-source, and anyone can contribute towards development. This is free, and almost all the platforms and operating systems support this. The platforms supported by NetBeans include supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux. For Java, even its size is around 186 MB.
2. IntelliJ IDEA:
This is known to be a closed source Java IDE. This is one of the big three among the Java IDE. It is very great and is available with modern UI. This is considered to be the best one for the Android studio, and this All-in-One software is used for the development of Android applications, which are specifically developed by Google. This is available in two additions one is Community Edition, which one is pre and the ultimate edition, which is full features, and you must be available with a paid license to use it. For Community Edition, the size is around 180 MB, and for the ultimate edition, the size is around 290 MB.
3. Eclipse:
This is also known to be one of the most popular platforms which are used to run Java. But not only Java, but one can also use it to run C++ and PHP. This is the open-source tool and is available with a great community of developers. A huge library of plugins is also available, and the users make all of these. The latest update which was launched the last year came up in support with Java 8 and is termed as Eclipse Luna. This is a free platform and is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and OSX. The size is almost 155 MB for Java developers.
4. Jdeveloper:
This is a full free ID that is released by Oracle. It offers multiple features like version control, Audit and matrices, debugging, factoring, and profiling. It also provides you with, and support, and the main will support. There are two editions in which this is available. One is the studio edition, which is available with a fully loaded toolset for creating programs in Java, and another one is Java edition, which is somewhere lacking as compared to the previous one. But Java edition is considered to be much faster and smaller. Java addition is considered to be the best choice for beginners and for all those who are being at an intermediate level of coding. There is no need for one to pay any amount for it, and the size of the Java edition is around 181 MB, and Studio edition is around 1.8 GB.
These are the platforms that are considered to be the best ones when it comes to run Java.