Best photo locker apps for android 

Are you looking ways to secure your stuffs or mobile? Well, this is the case now – a- days that people need more security where they can protect their privacy in an authentic way. 21st century is the era of apps where to do even small ct we need apps and today even it is about security. It is app which would help us in some way.
List of photo locker apps
iLock – It is considered as one of best app which has this ability of giving perfect feature. The app even permits people in locking various images together from the picture gallery. You just need to pick up any one picture to lock and then select iLock from the share menu.
Gallery vault – Well, smile because this app is free and available on android. The app even conceals photos and videos and there is plus point with this that to even advocate other file types even. This even advocates GIF, fake passwords and failed login alerts.
LockMy pix – This is also one of kind of gallery vault app which has so many desirable features. It includes complete offline supports, a fake login, fingerprint scanner support, AES encryption and SD card support etc. The app seems quite protective because it will let you protect your important stuff in easy way. LockMy pix give good experience and you can lock your phone with the help of this app.
1Gallery – 1Gallery is even one of popular and newer gallery vault apps which are full of features. You can even see your images, GIFs or videos as even after locking. Highlight of the app is that it has complete encryption for each single file along with various ways to access the vault (PIN, fingerprint and pattern).
Keepsafe vault – If you have not heard about it, even then do not worry. It is one of best photo locking apps for the android which let you conceal your photos from the gallery. You can use both at the same time locks, pin pad and this keepsafe vault. This will put double lock to your phone. This will allow you with extra benefits where you can easily see hidden images. But this app gives you even way of keeping your public gallery open for your family, friends, co-workers etc.
Photolocker – The app permits to hide your gallery pretty well. So anyone whoever is looking to hide their personal pictures this app is perfect answer to their search. This is accessible through a secret PIN code. It gives access to fast bulk hide, encryption and user friendly operation, folder locking level. This has more features just than hiding pictures.
Final words
Privacy is one of important thing for everyone and these apps help them to do that. You can take full advantage of these apps and hide your images and no one would touch your phone without your permission. This is how you can keep safe images which you personally do not want to share with people.