Best offline car racing games for PC

World is gaga over game and with time the huge revolution has been noticed in the fields of game. Today, people can easily play games in their phones, PC or other devices as earlier it was a time when playing game with Xbox was the only option. That is why, now the game has also been put into different categories in variety. You can figure out with the fact that games have been designed especially for PC, computer or android (category wise). Games are creative and entertaining which offers something which you do not get in other games. You can know this just by playing it.
List of Car racing games
Shift 2 – Shift 2 offers a good game with the best features. The game has been designed in such a way, where players will have to play the game by being attentive. Graphics of the game are so beautiful that it will give you feeling of playing in real. Everything inside the game has given touch of real look.
Forxa Motorsport 6: Apex – The game is about 21.8 GB install with an amazing features. Cars in the game have been designed in such a way so that while playing it, it can give real feeling of driving or racing. They are also so stylish in look that its graphic reveals half of the story. The features have been added by keeping it as a game but making people more curious to play it. Game offers different sort of challenges and that perfectly turns perception for the game.
Note- Those who do not have a strong PC, they are warned not to download it, otherwise consequences may be different.
Racing horizon – Extreme Asphalt driving – The game offers very light racing and comparing it with others, it is much lighter. Whenever, it is about decent games, name of the horizon, extreme asphalt driving is taken. In fact, it is, the graphics of the game has also been designed by keeping decency its theme. There is a simple theme of the car where police tries on evading and overtake your rivals. But overall, the game offers right kind of entertainment and kids will surely love this game.
Space racing 3D – Reason of picking up this space racing 3D car is due to its creative part. The whole game is modelled upon a hypothetical world where fanky space makes the game interesting. Machines in the game are extreme advance where missing out a single second can cost you a heavy loss while playing. But many people pick it up for different reason.
Final words
These are some string choices in this particular section. The game perfectly offers entrainment with right games. You may pick up anyone by keeping your priority at first; this would help you to enjoy the game more. Graphics of all the games are awesome which would let you enjoy not just game but whole thing about the game.