Best news feed apps for android 

News apps are required according to the time, and this is 21st century where people need all the information into their small package. People are so busy that it is not possible to them, reading news paper each day. In that case, having this app is one of perfect thing to save your time and use it at the same time. These android apps are best way to sort that problem out.
Flip board – You must have heard about this app as this is one of such a wonderful app which is famous for its feature. The presentation of the app is of course very unique which will surely make you go with the flow. The interface of the app offers every kind of news articles, videos and sliders which makes easy for people. The other question which might be running in the mind of people, that will they be informed with the right news or not? Yes of course, they will be given right information. Highlight of the app is its feature giving news from the column of popular magazines such as National Geographic, The New York times etc.
BBC News app – This is one of most trusted news app with the right information. Today, in the world of confusion people are receiving information in the wrong way. But there is some sort o news app which is there to give you just right kind of information in just right kind of way. On this app, you can surely enjoy the live world service BBC radio; you can even share that news to anyone by using different medium. You will be allowed to see photo galleries, videos, and audios.
CNN News – CNN news channel is world famous news channel. The app will correctly inform you with the right stuff. The app is also known as the pioneer news app across the world that is why the faith of people in this app is extreme. Here, the app even notifies you with an alert and you can get live news or current news on time. You can even receive several of videos on demand and also can enjoy live TV.
Pocket – The name of the app has been kept just to let you know. You can keep all the information of the world just by keeping Pocket app in your pocket. On this app, you can get an easy automatic backup that is even one of wonderful thing. The news is easy to save and there is a sharing option. By bookmarking you can save news which might be important to you.
Final words
The purpose of these apps are only, to help you either of way. You can still enjoy your time while travelling, or during lunch or break time by being even in the office. That is why; these apps have been designed to give you right kind of treatment in every possible way. It is absolutely amazing getting all the information in a single place.