Barr claims social media platforms 'censoring particular viewpoints and putting their own content in there'

Barr claims social media platforms ‘censoring particular viewpoints and putting their own content in there’


During the second segment of an interview with Special Report which aired on Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr said he believes that social media firms are engaged in ‘censorship’ these days and are behaving more like publishers.

When asked if he feels that these social media platforms are in a way censoring the President as well as his supporters, Barr responded by saying that he believes these firms are indeed doing that and are censoring content on their sites.

Originally, they were considered as open forums wherein people could hop on and pen their viewpoint, which helped these entities garner a lot of attention, said the attorney general.

However, now these firms are acting more like ‘publishers’ as they are censoring specific viewpoints as well as incorporating their own content there to reduce the impact of several people’s views, continued Barr.

Previous month, Twitter had issued a warning label for one of the tweets of US President Donald Trump for the first ever time. Twitter cautioned readers that in spite of Trump’s claims, the fact checkers haven’t found any evidence which shows that countrywide mail-in voting could elevate fraud risks.


In a few minutes, the president accused the social media network of interfering in this year’s ‘Presidential Election.’ A few days later, Trump issued an executive order which interprets the Section 230 of 1966’ Communications Decency Act as not offering statutory liability safety for tech firms who engage in political and censorship conduct.

When Barr was questioned on this matter, he said that he is looking into it and believes that the right action would be taken.

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