B: The Beginning Season 2 Release Date, Characters, Plot, Trailer

B: The Beginning Season 2 Release Date, Characters, Plot, Trailer and Everything Else About Anime

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The Netflix original Japanese animated series, B: The Beginning, had released all of its 12 episodes on the service provider on March 2, 2018. The original net animation (ONA) show then received enormous popularity and recognition worldwide. Unlike most Japanese series, B: The Beginning is one of the very few shows that exuded an entirely fresh idea that wasn’t based on a Manga series or a light novel.

Back in June 2018’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Netflix had announced the B: The Beginning season 2. The fans have since been awaiting the comeback of season 2 with every ounce of patience. Let us skim through all the details we have banded together for you to read. So, let’s get started.

When will B: The Beginning Season 2 release?

On February 24, 2016, Netflix announced the series B: The Beginning and communicated the necessary details that included 12 episodes in totality and releasing the series in 190 countries globally. (check: Disenchantment season 2.)

The series landed precisely two years later on March 2, 2018. All in all, the series has been revived for a second installment. It’s completed two years, B: The Beginning might be buckling the seat belt and give us a surprise, we never know. For more updates, keep following us and this page.

B: The Beginning Season 2 Plot

Cremona- an archipelagic nation follows the life of two individuals named Keith Kazama Flick and Koku. With a futuristic backdrop where advanced technologies are the people’s strength, Cremona falls chaotic when a serial killed known as Killer B starts wreaking havoc.


Keith joins the Royal Investigation Society (RIS) as they investigate the case of Killer B. On the other hand, a boy named Koku, who seems a regular teenager, comes into the picture. He is an extraterrestrial looking for his lost partner. Incidents revealed that Koku is none other than the Killer B who has wings and an arm and one leg that transforms into steel, becoming great weapons as Black King.

When Keith and Koku’s paths cross, they uncover a secret organization, a “research project on the resurrection of gods, and a prophecy which foretells the rise of an entity called the “Black King.”

The next season could always bring up new characters and storylines to match the genre of psychological thrill, science fiction, and drama. Also, since the first season was a Japanese original, the series was side-by-side translated in English because of the global release. Therefore, expect the same for season two as well.

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B: The Beginning Season 2 Characters

The two main characters of the show, Keith and Koku, are the show’s driving force. They eventually get equal screen time when Koku’s character begins to reveal secrets.

  • Keith- The main protagonist of the show and an ex-detective. He retires himself when his sister, Erina, is murdered in cold blood. However, he decides to return and end his retirement period when Royal Investigation Society (RIS) begs him to solve the Killer B cases with his intelligence.
  • Koku- The other main protagonist of the show and a sweet teenager. Koku seems quiet at first but is later revealed to be opposite instead. In reality, Koku is an extraterrestrial, searching for his long lost companion for the last seven years but to no avail. The show builds up, and Koku is unveiled as not only Killer B but also the Black King. When attending to these personalities, Koku becomes aggressive and ruthless.

The sci-fi thriller has carried its name well and stayed true to its roots. It has been appraised of balancing such unique genres with prominent dignity and grace.
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