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Avenue 5 Season 2: Everything We Know About HBO Series’ Upcoming Installment

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Avenue 5 is a 2020 science fiction comedy premiered on HBO in the USA, created and produced by Scottish writer Armando Iannucci. The show stars Golden Globe award winner Hugh Laurie, famous for his role in hugely popular drama series House. The plot of the series is set in the future, where people go on a space voyage.

The series features Hugh Laurie as captain of the interplanetary ship and Josh Gad as the billionaire owner of the Avenue 5 ship. A technical malfunction on the ship resulted in momentary loss of artificial gravity onboard the ship, making the ship off-course to its original route. Now it will take three years to reach the earth.

After the death of the chief engineer of the ship, captain Ryan Clark searched for the way to fix this situation. And meanwhile, passenger service employee Matt Spencer tries to calm the passenger on board, who now knows that the ship will take three years to reach earth.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Renewal Status

The series premiered on January 19, 2020. Just barely one month after the release date, in February, the series was renewed for a second installment by HBO. So, it’s pretty good news for all the Avenue 5 fans. They were quite skeptical about season 2 because of the low rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s a past habit of HBO, it always gives a second chance to every series, so most of the critics were almost sure for the series being renewed for one more season. The plot of the series is quite a new one, with a ship set on a voyage with wealthy people on board, which is a dream project of Elon Musk, and many other businessmen.

So, most of the guys were pretty sure about a second season. The show portrays a space vacation, which is going to turn into reality shortly as predicted by many. Fortunately, this idea sold pretty well in installment one, which catapulted a fan following for the show.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Release Date

After the announcement of the renewal of the series in February 2020, the series was expected to release in early 2021. Then the pandemic happened, and every other film shooting came to stall. Now nobody knows when all the filming and production work are going to resume.

Seeing the past works of HBO, it is calculated that after all the formalities like casting, script, location, the production house takes on average seven months to complete a show. So, by going through those statistics, the series will come somewhere between March and July 2021.

But now, the type of situation prevailing in the environment might take a little more time than expected, and the show might come in October 2021 or be extended to 2022.

Also, if filming is resumed, the production house needs to take care of all the precautions. It includes getting permission from the authorities, keeping a check on social distancing, availability of sanitizers, masks, gloves, etc.

Till this time, no update about the release date has been revealed by any of the writers or producers of the show.

Avenue 5 Season 2 Cast

Considering all the characters’ performances, it is speculated that most of the primary and supporting cast is going to return in season 2. With that in mind, Hugh Laurie will reprise his role of captain Ryan Clark, Josh Gad as billionaire Herman Judd, and Zach Woods as customer relations executive Matt Spencer.

Also, few cast members like Himesh Patel and Suzy Nakamura, despite being strong characters, didn’t get enough screen presence. And, not to forget Himesh Patel is essaying the role of stand-up comedian Jordan Hatwal, who, if given importance, will add the humor in the series. Suzy Nakamura’s character Iris Kimura can add more to the strict bossy role in season 2.

And, we can never forget the fact that there is always a possibility of new cast addition. However, seeing the finale, in which the name of NASA was mentioned, we can expect some new actors are portraying astronauts and scientists’ role. (check: Dwight in Shining Armor Season 4.)

However, no news about the new cast member has been stated by any of the existing cast members, writers, or producers. (check: Netflix’s Gentefied Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything You Need To Know.)

Avenue 5 Season 2 Plot

In the first finale episode, it was seen that because of misunderstanding, Karen accidentally jettisoned the material from a different airlock, increasing the expected journey from 3 years to 8 years to reach earth. So, now this will be quite amazing to watch in season 2, how captain Ryan Clark will handle it.

After inadvertently becoming the reason for the death of seven passengers, the guilt-ridden Matt Spencer went into depression. It had been a traumatic experience for him, and it will be interesting to see how he comes out of his guilt in season 2.

The funny anecdote we saw between trillionaire Harrison and billionaire Judd will be amusing to watch again in the second run. The writers might make it a billionaire vs. trillionaire gimmick in season 2.

Also, on earth, Rav’s struggle to secure a fund for the rescue mission, her negotiation skills to ensure the fund for rescue was a delight for many. So, we are expected to see many of her qualities in the upcoming season 2.

Till now, all the writers and cast members have kept a mum over the storyline of season 2. Above all updates are just some good predictions, no source has 100% confirmed about these updates.

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