Anupama 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanraj takes Anupama’s stand!

Anupama 18 August 2020 Written Episode Update: Baa takes Anupama’s stand!

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Today’s episode of Anupama begins with Anupama dances with Vanraj. Kavya gets jealous. Everyone starts playing Dandiya. Kinjal also dances with Paritosh. Rakhi comes at the house and gets angry seeing Kinjal playing Dandiya with Paritosh. Rakhi stops the music and shouts to stop the drama. (check: Kumkum Bhagya Written Update.)

Rakhi comes to Kinjal and says what she is wearing! Rakhi questions where is her phone? Rakhi says that she has called her more than 50 times and shouts at her to answer. Kinjal asks her to calm down and they can talk outside without creating a scene. Rakhi questions whether she is creating a scene here? (check: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update.)

Rakhi says that she is the one who didn’t answer her calls and did not even inform her. Rakhi says that she is busy playing Dandiya here and daring to speak her like this. Kinjal says that it is not such a big issue which she is making. Rakhi throws her Dandiya sticks and shouts at her not to dare fall in an argument with her.

Anupama comes in between and says that she doesn’t know about Kinjal’s mistake. Rakhi says that she was so busy in preparing delicacies that she didn’t know about Kinjal’s mistake. Anupama says that Kinjal came here for the pooja so it is not such a big issue. Rakhi says that Kinjal is here without informing her and taking her permission. Rakhi says that she might not have understood it and translates it for her.

Anupama asks Kinjal to apologize to her mother. Kinjal apologizes for her mistake and says that if she told her, then she wouldn’t let her come here. Kinjal says that Anupama aunty invited her too. Anupama says to Rakhi that Kinjal has apologized and later both Mom and Mother-in-law will make her understand. Rakhi shouts at her to stop this nonsense and push her hand away.

Samar comes to her whether she is fine. Rakhi says that they came to see their son and house but didn’t finalize the relation. Kinjal says that it is her fault. Rakhi says that it is Anupama’s voice that made her daughter swayed and charmed by talking sweetly. Rakhi says that her tacky saree and heavy jewelry is not her daughter.

Anupama says that she groomed Kinjal on Janmashtami occasion so what’s wrong in it? Rakhi says that they trapped a rich girl and instigated against her mother to make her speak a lie. Rakhi says that they snatched away her daughter to get wealthy.

Baa shouts at her to stop. Baa says that she might be a millionaire but it makes no difference to them. Baa says that they are blessed to eat and wear anything they want. Baa questions do she think they accepted this relation for money or dowry? Rakhi says yes. Baa says that they are not beggars who want dowry.

Baa says that they saw their kid’s happiness so accepted the relation. Baa says that her daughter lied so she should not speak anything to her daughter-in-law. Baa says that she doesn’t have even sleeves in her blouse and she wants to teach them about wealth. Anupama asks her to calm down. Baa says that she knows to answer the one in the same language.

Baa says that their Toshu won’t die single without her daughter. Rakhi apologizes that she spoke too much in anger and says that she forgot they don’t want an educated and career-oriented daughter-in-law but one who is a servant like Anupama.

Precap: Rakhi says to Anupama that they want a daughter-in-law who can cook and grind spices all day. Rakhi says that the one who wipes out the house. Vanraj shouts at her to stop and questions how did she dare to talk like this with his wife?

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