Android TV may soon recognize your exact voice

Android TV may soon recognize your exact voice


Google recently said that many speakers, as well as smart displays, will soon have Assistant’s Voice Match feature. However, it now seems that this feature will be rolled out for smart televisions too. A code has been discovered by 9to5Google team, which indicates that the Voice Match feature for the Android TV is under development.

While it is not known when the feature would show or whether there will any modifications versus the other platforms, it is easy to observe the probable benefits. This could make sure that the Android TV gets launched into the Netflix profile of a user directly rather than make him/her choose the option manually on-screen, for example.

Meanwhile, it is also rumored that Google is preparing a dongle for Android TV that would benefit from the Voice Match feature clearly. Well, this could be significant for the stringent Stadia integration when it is available on Android TV in the future. Be it whatever reason; it is quite surprising that Voice Match feature was not made available sooner. Television viewing is a primary use case for multiple-voice support and multi-user support which could, in turn, enhance your drawing room experience and make it much more comfortable.

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