Always a Witch Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Episodes, Netflix News & Series Updates

Netflix’s Always a Witch Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and All Details So Far

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Every genre can be experimented with if the makers and creators are willing to take a risk. A similar example of this statement could Always be a Witch or known initially as Siempre Bruja.

As the title suggests, the series is all about magic and drama- but that’s not all. The show is combined with such topical issues with a background of history and time frames. Always a Witch revolves around teenage but in different centuries, so buckle up and let us introduce you to all about Siempre Bruja.

Before I begin, Always a Witch is a Colombian web television series that can be streamed on Netflix. Moreover, the show has already released two seasons till now- season one came out on January 1, 2019, whereas season two arrived on February 28, 2020, worldwide. What we’re trying to deliver is, if a season two is on the way or not. So, let’s get started.

Has Always a Witch been renewed by Netflix for season 3?

The second season of Always a Witch landed in February 2020. As for the next season, there is no news yet about a possible season 3. Netflix hasn’t announced its plans for the series, whether they will renew it or cancel it.

While Rotten Tomatoes rates the show at 43%, the audience thinks otherwise by giving an average audience score of 61%. Let’s see where time takes us (six months, at least), but as of now, we have two seasons of Always a Witch.


When will Always a Witch season 3 release? Premiere Date

The renewal status for season three of Always a Witch is not known yet. Hence, a premiere date cannot be predicted. A huge reason behind Netflix not announcing any information could be the ongoing COVID-19 situation across the globe. (check: The Seven Deadly Sins Sequel Manga.)

What is Always a Witch about? The Plot

Always a Witch aka Siempre Bruja is a reconstruction novel Yo, Bruja by Isidora Chacón. Carmen, a 19-year-old girl, who lives in the 17th century Cartagena is forced to time travel to 2019 Cartagena when she professes her love for her slave proprietor’s son.

Carmen was an African witch enslaved by the Colombians. She is accused of witchcraft and loving a white man when it is termed to be burned alive on a stake. Imprisoned and awaiting her execution, she takes on Aldemar’s offer (a wizard) to time travel in 2019. However, she cannot use her magic; otherwise, it would signal Lucien (the powerful evil wizard) of her location.

The series is not solely a teen-drama or a romantic comedy, it serves a fantasy world, a historical period, with such a hooking coming-of-age storyline. The show talks about the history of ill-treating black women and black witches. In general, it speaks openly about races and the different attitude towards them.


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Who is Always A Witch season 3 cast?

  • Angely Gaviria as Carmen Eguiluz
  • Lenard Vanderaa as Cristobal De Aranoa
  • Carlos Quintero as León
  • Sebastián Eslava as Esteban
  • Cristina Warner as Isabel de Aranoa
  • Sofia Bernal Araujo as Alicia
  • Valeria Henríquez as Mayte
  • Dylan Fuentes as Johnny Ki
  • Verónica Orozco as Ninibé
  • Luis Fernando Hoyos as Aldemar the Immortal
  • Oscar Casas as Kobo
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