About Us

XnewsWeekly is the final product of the creative thinking of three people. Yes, the name behind the origin of Newsweekly is Alex, Mike, Rupali Gupta, Versha Gupta and Vijay Dehraj.

Alex and Mike Brothers

Alex and Mike as the co-founder since both had over 20 years of experience writing in the technology publication industry. Both the guys belong to New York and running their Digital marketing business successfully.

Rupali Gupta

Rupali Gupta is a blogger and digital marketer, She is into blogging from last 6 years. If we talk about the struggle and experience in the digital world, Ruplai set a great example for upcoming bloggers. Now she is a well-known name in the digital world. She has a great interest in technology that’s why she is part of Xnewsweekly. You can connect with her on Facebook or can contact her at meetrupaligarg@gmail.com

Versha Gupta

Versha Gupta started her career as a writer two years ago but no one knows that in minimum times she will achieve huge success and will become a great blogger with great SEO and Digital marketing skills. Apart from Xnewsweekly she is running multiple blogs successfully from different niche. You can Know more about her on Facebook or you can contact her at digitalvershgupta@gmail.com

Vijay Dehraj

Vijay Dehraj is the third name behind the origin of Xnewsweekly. He is an Internet Entrepreneur, But by heart, He is a real hustler who always had a dream to make every enterprise alive on the internet with the help of their skills, technologies and tools. There are not very many things he is energetic about, out of which the most vital one is learning and sharing. He constantly like adapting new things whether in his life or he calling furthermore enthusiastic about imparting that information to others.You can know more about him on Facebook or contact him at Vdehraj@gmail.com

Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta is a team member of Xnewsweekly, yes she is a great writer. If we talk about a versatile writer, she is the perfect example. Priyanka Gupta is an expert in the field of Technology, so she is writing about the technical stuff on Xnewsweekly. You can know more about him on Facebook

Rupali, Alex, Mike, Versha and the team are on a mission to get 1 million active readers to the publication every month.