100 Graves Dug At Copacabana Beach To Protest Brazil's COVID-19 Response

100 Graves Dug At Copacabana Beach To Protest Brazil’s COVID-19 Response


Volunteers disapproving of the response by Brazilians to the COVID-19 pandemic recently dug about 100 graves at the Copacabana Beach in Rio. These graves were marked by black crosses reminding that 40,000+ people had died in Brazil due to the virus.

This event was conducted by an organization named Rio de Paz. This particular move was a sign of protest by the organization, which was revealed in their Facebook post. They pointed out the series of mistakes that were made by Brazil’s federal government with regard to the humanitarian crisis. As of now, Brazil surely is a major COVID-19 epicenter that counts infection that is particularly close to that of the US>

Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President, has strongly been criticized given his lag in handling the pandemic. Nit just that, he also questioned the validity and legitimacy of the overall case reported. It was also pointed out that these numbers were brilliantly inflated so as to damage the reputation of the government.

Citizens were also outraged after the President was seen calling his supporters on Facebook to enter the public hospitals. This was an effort by Bolsonaro to prove how wrong the number of patients reported for COVID-19 was. As per medical officials, simply walking in to the hospital is prohibited as this might risk the spread of the virus while violating patient privacy standards.

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